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Member Benefits

Our mission of the Business Financial Association (BFA) is to provide business owners with money saving ideas and strategies that they can discuss with their accountant, attorney, banker, financial planner, or insurance agent, in order to determine if they can be used for their own small business operation. Membership in the BFA is FREE!

Note: We also provide step-by-step planning guides and tools that business owners and their advisors can use to help implement the strategy into their small business operation. Many of these guides include the documents, forms, and contracts that are needed to meet the appropriate IRS or government guidelines. All of these planning guides are available in our "PRODUCT" area for a cost of only $99.

Here’s what you get with your FREE membership:

Money Saving Ideas

You get FREE access to our Money Saving Ideas Library where you can view money saving videos, access online software tools, and download basic planning guides. These unique learning tools will give you a ton of ideas that you can discuss with your accountant, attorney, banker, financial advisor, or insurance agent. Many of our farm members have saved thousands of dollars each year after implementing just a few of these money saving ideas in their small business operation. These money saving ideas range from:

  • How to deduct the cost of your child’s car from the business
  • How to deduct 100% of your personal medical expenses from the business
  • How to deduct $5,000 of your children’s college tuition from the business
  • How to pay off your business equipment loan in 3 years
  • How you can get the IRS to pay for 50% of your business insurance
  • How you easily pass-on your estate to your heirs
  • And much, much more!

Click the video link here to find out how you can save money

Financial Strategies Software

You get FREE access to our one-of-a-kind Financial Strategy Software. This software gives you access to over 2,100 financial strategies that you can use personally, or in your own business operation. This includes strategies in areas such as, 1) Tax, 2) Cash Flow, 3) Investments, 4) Retirement, and 5) College Financial Aid. To access these strategies, you merely need to complete a questionnaire using information from your personal IRS 1040 tax return. Then you simply click the “Print” button and you get dozens, or even hundreds, of personal financial strategies that can save thousands of dollars every year.

Small Business Financial Newsletters

You get FREE access to our Small Business Financial Newsletter & Archives. This newsletter provides our business owner members with the latest cost reduction tips in a variety of financial areas, including tax reduction, debt reduction, and even ideas on how to reduce your college tuition bill. Whether you have younger children, children in high school or college, or you’re a grandparent who wants to help send your grandchildren to college, the college tips alone in this newsletter can save you thousands of dollars!

Small Business Financial Seminars

We offer our popular 1-hour webinar "Money Saving Ideas For Small Buisness Owners" to any organization that wants to provide their small business members or clients with the latest financial strategies to improve a business operation’s bottom-line. This webinar is Free-Of Charge for any group of 25, or more, and is designed to raise awareness of financial strategies and opportunities that small business owners may not be aware of that can improve their business operation profit.


The Business Financial Association is the only organization entirely dedicated to increasing and protecting the income and wealth of our nation’s small business community. Membership is FREE! Join now…you’ll be glad you did!

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